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Meet Lane Sloan

Let me introduce Myself

I describe myself as a unique combination not often found in executive coaches and advisors.

We begin with Leadership

For thirty years I served in leadership at Shell Oil Company. My career was a myriad of leadership positions including project leader for computer programmers, supervisor of large non-professionals operations, manager of office of future professionals, and fifteen years in senior management… 

Senior executive roles included VP Corporate Planning, CFO, Regional Coordinator Far East, and President of Shell Chemical plus others.

Some of these roles managed organizations of four to five thousand people. Thus, I have led small teams up to very large organizations including international operations.


My Leadership Education

My undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado (CU) was in management. In my Masters of Science in QMS (CU), my minor was in Organizational Behavior.

After Shell and some other business endeavors, I became an Executive Professor at the University of Houston (UH) teaching Strategic Leadership for many years.

My Leadership Coaching

My leadership coaching was largely through the Silver Fox Advisors (SFA) for some twenty years. Clients included some large companies but mostly smaller privately held businesses.

Besides being the President of SFA, my leadership roles included chairing their CEO Roundtable program where everyone learns how to run their business from other like-minded CEOs.

The Books

In 2013, I authored a book called Develop a Leadership Plan: Become a Great Leader.

Earlier, I co-authored Terra Incognita: A Navigation Aid for Energy Leaders. You will find my many blogs on leadership on this website.

Proven Experience

My greatest strengths at Shell were visioning, strategizing, and execution.

I was helped by my continuing education with an MS in Quantitative Management Science (CU), MS in Accounting (UH), and MBA in Finance (UH).

The undergraduate Corporate Strategy course I taught at UH really strengthened my skills in growing businesses.

My many undergraduate courses in marketing coupled with marketing MBA courses have also been invaluable in coaching small businesses.

I have sat on small company boards and was previously a member of the Houston Angel Network.

I gained a lot of insight into start-ups with my long tenure on the board of the Houston Technology Center. Plus, I led the very early stages of two start-ups.


My advisory focus is entirely on small companies helping CEOs grow both their leadership and their company.

My 4 Stage Growth Model will give you significant insights on moving your company to the next level.

I would like to know you if your passion aligns with leadership and growing your business.

By the way, I am also passionate about developing my nine grandchildren to become great leaders.