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Leadership Coaching

Here's what I can tell you about Leadership

For those approaching the Take-Off Stage, the CEO knows the importance of leadership. Unfortunately, understanding how to become a leader can be a challenge.

There are so many articles, books, and coaches with different perspectives on what is important. Most are based on different angles that can become confusing.

I believe a guiding framework can prove invaluable in moving your leadership to the next level.

My framework has two components; dealing in the outer world versus delving into your inner self.

The first I call the 3 P’s of Leadership which focuses on this outer world. They are People, Planning, and Performance

The inner self contains 4 P’s of Leadership.  

A real key is how to pursue your personal purpose.  

Working with clients, we go through my methodology outlined in the Leadership Personal Profile. 

The process provides insights into developing your leadership plan to move you to this next level.

Along the way, depending on your needs, we explore more insights like 

Let me help take you to the next Leadership level.

These articles should be helpful

The 3 P’s of Leadership

You often hear about the triple bottom line for companies or the 3 Ps of People, Planet (as in save the planet), and Profits.   I am a fan of this thinking on what a company must achieve.   I think there are some similarities with leadership.  My 3 Ps for leadership are People, Planning, and Performance.

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The People Side of Leadership

My framework for the leader’s “outer world” is based on People, Planning, and Performance.  This blog goes more in-depth on the People side. I am asked by small business owners for the best current leadership books to read that are concise and insightful. That is a good question and I

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The Planning Side of Leadership

A plan is simply charting where you want to go. As Lewis Carroll once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, then any road will get you there.” As a leader, you need to know where you want to go. Some say the term leadership was derived from the

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The Performance Side of Leadership

Most small business owners/CEOs have a desire to grow and become successful notwithstanding the challenges. In my blog about the 4 Stages of Growth for Small Businesses, I set out a framework on what the path forward could look like.  Leadership plays a greater and greater role as you progress through

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The 4 “Inner” Ps of Leadership

My leadership framework for your “outer world” rests on three perspectives. Everything around leadership begins with People.  There is no leader without followers.  Followers need to know what direction to go.  That takes orchestrating facilitated by Planning.  Carrying out the plan requires integrating and executing to achieve the desired results.   People follow positive

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Your Leadership Personal Profile

4 Inner Ps of Leadership There are plenty of articles and books on leadership.  The reason being leadership is clearly critical for an organization’s success.  Many emphasize a particular angle or perspective in how you should lead. Instead, this blog provides a comprehensive straight forward approach to know your leadership

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