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Professor Chats

Join Lane Sloan in this series of constructive chats to help your business Take-Off.  With each clip, Lane is dipping into the depth of his knowledge and experience running businesses and helping companies reach new levels of success.


Why are you in business?

As you grow into the Take-Off stage, you need to think more deeply about this fundamental question to provide guidance in your strategic plans that leads to continuous success over your planning horizon.


How do you beat your competition?

Taking-Off is a much more competitive undertaking that requires a differentiated value proposition leveraging your particular advantages over your direct competitors.


How do you take off?

The Take-Off stage of business growth is where things can get very interesting. In this segment, we’ll explore what it means to have your business ‘take off.’


How do you grow your customers?

If you have developed a compelling marketing value proposition, then getting the word out to your target audience through a focused promotional strategy leads to new sales.

Consider adding to your current channels.


How to Energize your organization?

As a Take-Off company, you have developed a reasonably sized organization. Diving into my 3 Ps of Leadership (People, Planning, and Performance) should be a helpful guide.


Why is leadership so important?

As your company grows into the Take-Off stage with an expanding organization, leadership becomes your catalyst for successful Take-Off.


How do you jump from short term to long term?

You don’t. Progressing from your short-term plans to your long-term plans is like walking upstairs. There will be intermediate steps to take that occur in your mid-term plans.


What makes short-term planning productive?

It requires some rigor following a thoughtful logical framework.  Then, adjustments are made via Performance feedback sessions with your leadership team.