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Take-Off Stage Growth

What is the Take-Off Growth Stage?

Only one in a hundred small businesses reach ten million in revenue. If you are approaching ten million, then you have the potential to take off.

You already realize that planning makes a difference. What are those things that could be holding you back?

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Where are you doing well? Consider my 4 Stage Growth Model for Small Businesses.

You may find some things operating in the Growth Stage, some in the Take-Off Stage, and perhaps some in the Expansion Stage.

The model gives you a picture of where you need to go. Let me help you take off.

Here are some other aspects of becoming a Take-Off Stage company

Customers are pulling the business into extended and new offerings.  Revenue generation feels robust, giving the confidence to be more aggressive in investing and taking business activities to next level. As revenues trend towards ten million the excitement begins that the business could be much bigger.  This phase generally drives the business through a doubling of sales approaching $20 to $25 million.

The organization has become a going concern and largely self-sustaining if the owner disengages.  Thus, the business becomes sellable for values expressed as multiples depending on the revenue growth rate and profitability.  Owners consider acquiring competition to expand the current market or move into new markets.

The Leadership team recognizes that more sophisticated planning is required. Planning exercises become wider and deeper. Outside consulting is considered to provide guidance and direction. The current year still receives the greatest focus, but plans can extend out 2 to 3 years and occasionally to five + years, particularly where new geographic markets are being pursued.

Does this sound like YOUR Company?

Learn More about the Take-Off Stage of Growth

Lane was featured as a guest on Doug Thorpe’s podcast “Leadership Powered by Common Sense”

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